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Soy Sauce compound to cure HIV

Soy Sauce compound to cure HIV

DDN Correspondent Posted on 11 May, 2014 at 04:30:PM

A new study done by researchers from the University of Missouri School of Medicine has found that a potent antiviral compound is found in soy sauce and it can help in the treatment of HIV.

Soy Sauce compound to cure HIV

The researchers claimed that the compound called EFdA can fight difficult-to-kill viruses like the HIV.

Researchers first found this compound in 2011 when soy sauce maker added it to their product as a flavor enhancer. After some studies, the researchers found that the makeup of this compound was very similar to the makeup of Tenofovir, one of the anti-viral medications used to treat HIV patients. The drug is now not proving useful because the HIV mutates quickly and develops resistance to the drug.

EFdA is better than Tenofovir because it is less likely to cause resistance to HIV as its activated more readily takes time to broken down by the liver and kidneys compared to similar existing drugs, according to Stefan Sarafianos, author of the study and a virologist at the Bond Life Sciences Center at the University of Missouri.

Sarafianos added that EFdA is also capable of interrupting the replication of HIV cells. He added that when the HIV cell starts replicating, this compound will create an altered DNA strand which will stop the replication of the DNA.

Sarafianos remarked that EFdA is 70 times more potent against HIVs than other drugs. The researchers are still studying the make-up of this compound and are yet to undertake any clinical human trials of this compound. The trial has been done on HIV-infected monkeys and they showed improvement within a month