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Sub-Standard Quality Products

Sub-Standard Quality Products
Posted On: 25 JUN 2019 4:35PM by PIB Delhi

Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) receives complaints regarding quality of ISI marked products. On receipt of such complaints, investigation is carried out at the complainant end as well as at the manufacturer’s end. Based on the outcome, action is taken which inter alia, include stop marking, cancellation/expiry of the Licence and/or replacement of the product to the consumer.
The state-wise list of the complaints received in the last three years is placed at Annexure.
The BIS Act 2016 provides for action when the standard mark is used in relation to an article or process that does not conform to the relevant Indian Standard.
BIS draws market sample for independent testing to check quality of ISI marked products in the market. Action is taken against the erring manufacturers whose product does not conform to the Indian Standard.
BIS also organizes publicity through mass media. Besides, BIS organizes Consumer Awareness Programmes wherein the consumers are made aware of quality of ISI marked products and also its misuse and colourable imitations.
The Govt. of India has already notified the new BIS Act, 2016 which has come into force w.e.f. 12 October 2017.
At present, there is no proposal for amendment in BIS Act, 2016.